The Vision

This experience is an endless movie of exclusive images and untamed thoughts.

Eyes wide open to pop culture, urban society, and the female body; as well as an ear to music, politics, and the everyday individual, emerges a VISION of UNIK proportion. This VISION is expressed from the mind of one, through the eyes of a generation.

Educated at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, these skills are accredited with a BA in Digital Media, and a minor in Art History. These VISIONS are based upon basic techniques portrayed through complex ideas. This complex simplicity is a culmination of perfect imperfections, dark colors and bright ideas.

Graphically driven by contemporary means with a hint of fine art, this VISION is influenced by the likes of Andy Warhol, Aaron Magruder, Basquiat, Kara Walker, Ernie Barnes, Kehinde Whiley, Kadir Nelson, BK The Artist, and Frank Morrison to name a few.

Inspired by those of the past, and thoughts of the future. Inspired by photography as well as uncaptured moments in reality. Inspired by the ability to see, and to open the eyes of peers. Inspired by production and destruction. Inspired by art as a form in all of its splendor. Inspired by being different, in other words…UNIK

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